Books for changing the world
Studies in Critical Social Science

  • The Dialectical Meaning of Offshored Work

    A thoughtful analysis of the developing interplay between post-socialist European communities and Western neoliberal actors.

  • Social Welfare Responses in a Neoliberal Era

    Edited by Cory Blad and Mia Arp Fallov

    An important sociological intervention into the way that states enact welfare policies in the Neoliberal era.

  • Growth and Change in Neoliberal Capitalism

    Growth and Change in Neoliberal Capitalism is an essential read for all those looking to better understand the contemporary global economy

  • Confronting Reification

    Despite his enduring influence, Georg Lukács has come under attack in his native Hungary. This collection aims to defend his ideas and legacy.

  • Resignation and Ecstasy: The Moral Geometry of Collective Self-Destruction

    Marx meets Durkheim in an effort to reconstitute both sociology and psychoanalysis.

  • Key Elements of Social Theory Revolutionized by Marx

    A valuable investigation of Marx’s ever evolving, class-based intervention into social theory.

  • Turkey: The Pendulum between Military Rule and Civilian Authoritarianism

    An essential analysis of Turkey’s unique blend of military and civilian authoritarianism

  • Rethinking Marxist Approaches to Transition

    An important and innovative new approach to the Marxist conception of transitions.

  • Uneven Landscapes of Violence

    A monumental contribution to the study of systemic violence and neoliberalism in Mexico.

  • Ecuador’s “Good Living”

    Gallegos Anda offers a groundbreaking critical appraisal of "Buen Vivir"—Ecuador's much vaunted, constitutionally mandated approach to development.

  • Cuba Was Different

    After the fall of the Berlin Wall, most of the "Socialist World" collapsed. This critical examination sheds light on how Cuba managed to persist.

  • Forces of Production, Climate Change and Canadian Fossil Capitalism

    In this brilliant reimagining of Marx's concept of forces of production, Graham shows that the power of fossil capital, not technological deficiency, enfetter any green-transition.

  • The Critique of Religion and Religion’s Critique

    Edited by Dustin J. Byrd

    A wide-ranging and provocative collection engaging with Rudolf J. Siebert’s dialectical religiology.

  • Introduction to Africana Demography

    A timely and necessary revitalization of the traditions of Black Sociology and critical demography accomplished by bringing the two together as Africana Demography.

  • Crisis’ Representations

    An important sociological intervention into the role played by media narratives—usually reflecting the ruling ideas—in shaping social and political responses to Europe's refugee 'crisis.'

  • Gender Inequality in Latin America

    An urgent, cross-disciplinary exploration of the roots and ongoing impacts of gender inequality in Ecuador.

  • Coercive Geographies

    This ambitious volume delves into the fraught nexus of mobility and work, drawing timely and far-reaching conclusions.