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Red Sky in the Morning
A moving narrative about a young girl's experience with disability, loss, and the power of unconditional love.

“Quite simply, a wonderfully moving story about the power of love." —Times Educational Supplement

“A wry first-person narrative. . . . Discussion of handicaps, death and bereavement, and religious belief are carefully integrated into the story.”—School Library Journal

Twelve-year-old Anna is looking forward to the birth of her baby brother. Ben arrives, but is disabled. Anna loves him immensely but she finds herself unable to admit the truth about Ben to her friends. Eventually the truth gets out and leads not to the ridicule Anna expected, but sympathy and understanding.

Elizabeth Laird’s award-winning young adult novels include A Little Piece of Ground and Crusade.

Other books by Elizabeth Laird

  • Oranges in No Man's Land

    A gripping story of a girl risking death to make a lifesaving dash through wartorn Beirut.
  • A Little Piece of Ground

    An extraordinary book about war and peace through the eyes of a twelve-year-old boy.