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Mike Davis

Mike Davis is a MacArthur fellow as well as being a social commentator, urban theorist, and sociographer, and is best known for his investigations of class structures in his native Southern California. He is the author of many books including Ecology of Fear and The Monster at Our Door.



  • No One is Illegal (Updated Edition)

    No One Is Illegal convincingly debunks the leading ideas behind the often-violent right-wing backlash against immigrants.
  • Be Realistic

    Mike Davis delivers a brilliant defense of the Occupy movement and offers pragmatic advice to the 99%.
  • Nadie es ilegal

    No One Is Illegal debunks the leading ideas behind the often-violent rightwing backlash against immigrants.
  • In Praise of Barbarians

    A bold collection of essays and polemics from the world-renowned social critic Mike Davis.